On the dutch caravan market, the loss of some caravan brands have been notable in recent years. Kip Caravans, one of few remaining manufacures in the netherlands went bankrupt both in 2007 and 2010. Some 30 years ago, the production at Kip in Hoogeveen could be counted to thousands of caravans a year. Today the number is down to a few hundred.

Following the bankruptcy in 2007, Kip Caravan took over some other dutch and belgian caravan brands. Those include Chateau, Homestar (originally Home-car) and Avento. They were all high quality touring caravans with a styling I really like. It is sad that they were never exported to Sweden, and I hope they will reenter the market very soon.

Now there is only Kip, and another company called Biod who makes caravans in Holland. Or are there any others you know about? If so, please contact me.

And to all blogg-visitors from Holland, i´d like to say that the dutch are very good at designing caravans.

  1. cafVialgami
    Aug 29, 2012